This page is for our privacy policy concerning the collection, utilization, and disclosure of personal data we receive from the users of the Site. 

  • Factor & Equilibrium has developed exclusive privacy policy guide to secure information provided by a client. We do not share information of the client to third parties or even with our employees. We do not disclose the details of the client during pre or post execution of the project.
  • We expect our clients also follow confidentiality norms regarding details of Factor & Equilibrium during pre or post execution of the project.
  • Without taking prior permission, we do not publish the name of the client on our website or any external publication medium.
  • We adhere to international privacy laws while engaging with the client in a research project.
    We take permission of client before publishing their testimonials or name.
  • Our sales team takes permission of clients before adding them to the digital marketing list.
  • We regularly update our privacy policy as per recent amendment in international privacy laws.

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